Most of the countries in the Region are adding generation capacity to meet growing demand. There is a concerted effort throughout the Region to improve the energy matrix by decreasing dependence on expensive fossil fuels, and to increase the sources of renewable energy, such as hydro-generation, biomass, geothermal and wind energy, for which these countries offer the right climate and geography. Throughout the different countries, governments have been organizing public bids for concessions for hydro-generation and other renewable sources, and the private sector is able to propose projects in addition to the public tenders.

At the same time, the Central American Electrical Interconnection System (“SIEPAC”), which is part of the Plan Puebla Panama (also known as the Mesoamerican Development and Integration Project), is creating a regional energy market by interconnecting the national power grids and providing incentives for countries to reduce energy transmission losses by upgrading and expanding their transmission networks, thus reaching a larger percentage of the population.

To benefit from these attractive developments, LAP has launched platforms across the region  to invest in renewable  energy projects.  Based on the significant number of renewable energy assets in its pipeline, LAP expects to continue to be active in this sector.